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the word that you accidentally write while trying to write the words "with the". this happens because "with" has a "th" and "the" starts with that so its a very common mistake
Susie was typing her report:

"...and the dolphins left withe whales and..."
by DevilsAdvocat1998 October 05, 2011
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Slutty!! Emily's are so fucking annoying too. An Emily is often short and thinks shes the hottest thing in the world. But she's not really. Emilys are two-faced and backstabbers. They say they are hot and sexy and everybody loves them but they never have a boyfriend. An easy hoe but nobody wants this bitch.
Jessica: Omg Lindsay did you see what emily did to me!!

Lindsay: Yeah she was telling Sarah about how u love matt.

Jess: 2faced bitch.

Lindsay: Yeah she thinks shes all Hot like Kristina but she so isnt.

Jess: Wat a fag. look! now shes talking to matt.

Lindsay: Wat a hoe
by DevilsAdvocat1998 July 01, 2011
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