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a male dance... when he on the hard, he makes, his yeah flop up and down
"Kevin did da flop-flop at da playground... It was so small, it aint even look like it was movin!!!"
by Destinee March 03, 2005
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(background, maryland;P.G.)
When a guy is havin sex wit a girl...It can't be when a girl do it to a girl, cuz shje dont got a dick (she could buy a vibrater, but it aint da same)
Mo:" Yo I heard your gurl lost her viginity"
Diandre:"Yeah beat dem lips...DDEEEENNNG
Mo:"For real??""
Diandre:"yeah nigga, i gave her a new walk!!"
by Destinee March 03, 2005
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Background:P.G. Maryland
A word used to substitute another word. Yeah can be used when you can't think of a certain word, as a code name for someone, and/or a word when you cant say a word that you want to say.
"Ay gimme dat lil yeah"
"You is a lil yeah..."
"Remember dat time when we went to dat yeah wit yeah and he tried to yeah me?!"
by Destinee February 25, 2005
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1. To run real fast, like when da cops chasin you or somethin
2. To get them digits
(for def. 1.) This dude was buyin drugs,knowin he broke, he took the drugs and said he'll pay the dude da next day. So the next day, (dude still broke) and he saw da man he owed money to. The dude emade some sorry excuse about why he couldn't pay the drug dealer the money. So the drug dealer looked at him, and pulled out an AK47. Da dude took one look at da gun and booked!!!!!!!!
(def. 2.) "I booked like four niggas at ShoQuanda's party last night"
by Destinee March 03, 2005
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