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(AKA Ugg's)Trendy sheep-skin boots when worn with skinny jeans tucked into them and a cute winter cute during the colder season. Ugly-ass boots when sluts wear them with there inch and a half mini skirt and belly shirts. Made for warmth and comfort. Used (by girls in Northern America) to attract guys looking for a one night stand.
1) Sarah, I love your Ugg Boots with that coat and skinny jeans!

2) Holy hell. Look at that girl over there. I mean come on. Ugg's with a mini skirt?! Total slut!
by Delicious Nuggets January 26, 2009

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A social interaction between 2 people of the male population.
Sam and Michael went on a Man Date to the bowling alley.
by Delicious Nuggets March 21, 2009

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When a man gives him self oral sex or a blow job to pleasure himself.
*Alex Gaskarth would do Auto Fellatio if only he didn't have a '2" dick'

*Alex said this during a concert in Seattle.....lol!
by Delicious Nuggets April 12, 2009

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A gay bastard.
Guy 1: Dude, look at that gay guy over there kicking that puppy.

Guy 2: I know he's such a gastard!
by Delicious Nuggets January 14, 2009

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(There are many forms of this activity. Formal and urban. Usually urban)

1. An activity in which those of the male population make complete fools out of themselves in order to get the attention of a female.

2. Also an activity performed when one has consumed too much alchohol. (This form of dancing may cause injury and/or public humiliation. This form of dancing not suggested)
Ex. 1) Stacy: Oh my gosh! Greg is such a good dancer! I would so date him!

Ex. 2) Elizabeth: Mitch is way too drunk to be dancing. I hope he doesn't hurt himself.

by Delicious Nuggets February 01, 2009

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