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Piss is verb describing urinating. The yellow liquid that you release from the tip of your penis is called urine. Piss a way to describe realeasing that urine. It also describes the great feeling of emptiying your bladder
i.e Johnny pissed on his mom's car when he was drunk.
by DefMan August 04, 2006

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A vey descriptive way to describe a piss chamber. AKA bathroom. In this room many things go on! You may use it to go for a piss but others, more creative people use it to eat out or have sex. This is a fun and iteresting way to use a piss hole. Another reason why a piss whole has become used for sex is because of the readily availeble condoms!
i.e I didnt use the piss hole right.
by Defman August 10, 2006

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