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A flatus. Usually one that sounds like "FFTTT". Often heard from Dydoo.
(Someone emits a FFTTT sound from their butt)
Dydoo: Hahaha did Vishpoo futt?
Deemdoo: Hahahahahahaaha yup he futted in his sleep!
by Deemdoo August 01, 2007

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A word made up by a dydoo, which means absolutely nothing but sounds really funny.

Pronounciations: FUDDECKKK!!
Entertainer: I need a funny word from the audience.
Dydoo's friend: Cmon dydoo...!
Dydoo: (yells out) FUDECK!!!
by Deemdoo August 01, 2007

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I an ultra secretive term used by FW33T ELITE members to describe when they have sharted.
Dydoo: I have to fart.
Deemdoo: Well, come on then...
Dydoo: Ah crap it went back in.
Deemdoo: Boo.....
Dydoo: I'll be right back I'm going to go wash my hands
Deemdoo: Ok
(15 minutes later)
Deemdoo: What took so long?!
Dydoo: I had a Nosebleed
(Several days later)
Dydoo: Remember how I said I had a nosebleed? Yea I didn't have a nosebleed....I sharted...had to throw my underwear in the garbage can and everything...Hahaha
Deemdoo: SMAW!!!!!
by Deemdoo August 01, 2007

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