3 definitions by Dee Lila

One partner retrieves food from microwave while other partner enters them from behind.
Sam had Dee Lila in microwave position while shouting, " hurry up with my nuggets bitch!"
by Dee Lila March 22, 2019
When someone is lying in the sun and a passer by or partner urinates on them.
Bluemonster2020 walks up to Dee Lila while she lies in the sun and unleashes his beast and begins sun bathing her.
by Dee Lila March 20, 2019
One illegally enters Usa and stop to have sex against Trumps border wall. All the weight of one partner is completely supported by other partners arms partner against wall having no feet on ground. After climax both parties take a shit on photo of Trump and glue to border wall with said feces or ejaculate.
Django Candy puts Dee Lila in mexican wall position after crossing mexican texas border and finishes on Trumps face.
by Dee Lila March 22, 2019