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1. the tip (nozzle) of a device used to deliver enemas or colonics; usually it's not very clean.

2. someone you don't like and can't trust, who acts like a complete asshole most of the time
That dude in my lab is such a cognozzle. He's always stealing my ideas, eating my lunch, and taking credit for my work.
by Deanz October 05, 2006

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1. the hole between your butt cheeks where shit comes out
2. a stupid asshole of a person
3. someone who is of low intelligence, whom you can't trust
Did you see what Joe squirted out of his coghole last night? Yeah, what a coghole to do that in front of everyone.
by Deanz October 05, 2006

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l33t for "cock hawk"
J0e's m0m 1s a t0t4l CoxH0K, d|_|d3.
by Deanz October 04, 2006

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The sound that a zero makes going through life (zuffff....)
Did you see those zuffs smoking weed down by the bridge?
by Deanz August 20, 2006

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slang word for foreskin (originated in New England?)
Heather reached down the front of her new boyfriend's pants and was surprised to discover that he was "wearing a sweater".
by Deanz October 29, 2006

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