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This is what occurs when a woman has been tanning in the sun or with sunless tanner, and has her upper-lip waxed. Waxing removes the top 3 layers of skin, therefore removing the tan and leaving a white "skinstache".
"Oh dear, I shouldn't have gone tanning and then have the salon wax my mustache! Now I have a skinstache."
by Deanna03801 February 25, 2009
The semi-private high school in Saco, Maine that has recently expanded to include junior high grades as well. Thornton Academy provides schooling for neighboring towns as well; Dayton and Arundel as well. Out of town citizens can pay for their children to attend Thornton Academy. The school offers many amenities that a public school cannot. Also, because they are private, they have more funding from tuitions for athletics and arts.
"Hey, did you go to Thornton Academy?"

"I did. Thornton is my alma mater."
by Deanna03801 March 17, 2009
A condition that usually happens to parents when they visit their local Wal-mart several times in a 24-hour span. You are on a first name basis with the employees.
Similar to Chronic Targetitis and Chronic Home-Depotitis.
"I forgot my shopping list so I have had to go back to Wal-mart THREE times since yesterday morning!"
"You have Chronic Wal-martitis"
by Deanna03801 April 21, 2009
A phrase used to convey to others that life is going well. You are looking down at the grass as opposed to looking up at it (when you are buried).
"How are things with you these days?"

"I can't complain. Looking at the right side of the grass!"
by Deanna03801 February 9, 2009