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One of the most compassionate and caring people you'll ever meet, a Petra is one of those people you feel fortunate to know in your lifetime. They are adventurous and energetic, courageous, enthusiastic, confident and extremely quick-witted.
Many people will be drawn to her, but she will let only a few become really close. If you are one of those fortunate few who be prepared to talk about evil cats, grumpy owls, and the occasional pigeon that your Petra will be nursing back to health.
Petra: I'm naming my evil owl either Izzy or Grumpy!
Me: ok...
by DeRock April 05, 2012

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some one gay or straight who has a fascination with the ass and likes it in there or likes to stick it in there.
Stop bein such an assmongrel
by Derock May 29, 2004

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someone who needs a name when none others can be thought of for them.
Hey chodey mcdeushface shut the hell up.
by Derock May 29, 2004

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can be added to anything as an insult or otherwise
also anything relating to mcdonalds
you're a mcdeushe
go jam a mcdildo up ur ass
by Derock May 29, 2004

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someone who likes things insertded into there ractom or another name for deushbag, basically.
That guy is such an assmo
by Derock May 29, 2004

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