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This is already defined here, but the tag line hasn't been mentioned! "...and I'm the lawn mower!"
"Your ass is grass, and I'm the lawn mower!"
by DayleSnail May 12, 2008

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Someone who uses a lot of exclamation marks, such as in chat or emails. (This author is a serial exclamaniac!!!!!)
Oh geez, Karen wrote again and exclaimed all over the place. She's such an exclamaniac

Hello there!!!!!!!! Whatcha been up to??!!!!!!!Love and hugs, Karen!!!!!!
by DayleSnail February 01, 2008

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When you laugh so hard you fart.
PMSL Oh geez, I just falafeled something shocking! Phew! (waves fart away)
by DayleSnail February 13, 2009

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A cough that makes you fart.
Dayle: Did you just kerfuffle?
Simon: Yeah, but I got the furball out.
by DayleSnail February 13, 2009

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