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The act of going into a bathroom and not actually using the toilet or urinal,just killing time.Done so you dont look like an idiot in public,but an idiot in private.
God my sister took forever!
I was bathroom stalling for like 45 minutes,i was bored out of my ass.
by Davion Williams October 20, 2008

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when you make a joke and think its funny but it turns out not funny and you are the only one left laughing.
Bill:And then i said "cock"! LOL
Bill:No one thinks that funny,its hilarious!
John:Oohhh tough crowd
by Davion Williams April 10, 2009

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The situation in which multiple erections are had in rapid fashion.In other words:getting horny then getting horny again soon after the first boner wears off,usually from the same female.
God,Andrea looked hot as hell in that miniskirt,I had a re-erection all day,i just wanted to tear her up!
by Davion Williams October 25, 2008

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The situation when you circle the same parking lot multiple times trying to find a good parking space,occuring mostly at supermarkets and clothing stores.
I had to Bend the Lot at that wal-mart 8 times to find a good place to park,i wasted my whole day!!

by Davion Williams December 21, 2008

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when your friends email you but words are missing however you still know what they meant
i havent seen you in a time my friends suck at typing,always sending me swissmail
by Davion Williams July 15, 2008

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The state of being slow,usually noticing things everyone else knows already or being the last one to get a joke.Not exactly retardation,just slow thinking.
John started laughing out of nowhere,i asked him what was wrong and he said i finally got that family guy joke from last year,total mental re-tardy.
by Davion Williams April 10, 2009

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The identifying of a girl by her donk.
You've seen it so many times,you know who it belongs to.
John:Check out that ass man,who is that fine girl?!
Matt:Why you checking out my girl man!
John:How do you know thats Clarissa?
Matt:Idonkification man
John:Oh my bad
by Davion Williams March 23, 2009

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