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A term used in video games to describe the outside of the main game area or map. It can be accessed either accidentally, or through the use of a no clip cheat/code. Blue Hell can often contain objects hidden from the map/area by the map designer, for example, in Counter-Strike or GTA3.
Aaaarrgh! I've fallen into blue hell!
by David Kuling July 30, 2005

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Word thought to have been invented by British comedian Stephen Fry, in a comedy sketch parodising the British game show Countdown, where he used that word as the conundrum. The presenter of Countdown, the late Richard Whiteley, said that Sloblocks was his favourite swear word in an unaired promotion for Channel 4. It could be used as a substitute for 'bollocks'.
That's a load of sloblocks
by David Kuling October 31, 2005

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He was kicked hard in the tetlies.
by David Kuling August 21, 2003

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A unit of volume between 0.8 and 1.5 milliletres.
I'll have my cuppa tea with only a little bit of milk, not a pipette, like you usually make it.
by David Kuling September 21, 2006

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Plastic that has been coated in a metallic coating to make it look like it's made of metal.
WTF, this isn't metallic, it's monkey metal. *flicks object to prove it's not metallic*
by David Kuling April 28, 2007

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