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Slang word for " defecation" "poo" or "go to the toilet". The word originated from my mother who used it to describe her dogs going number twos. "Bend" is the shape and "Jon" is an english word for toiled. Go figure but it's extremely catchy.
Mum took her dogs for a walk to do a bend-jon.
by David Rowlands July 20, 2006
Is a title given to someone who holds an exalted position.
The name has come to be used as a mocking title for someone important or high-ranking and who exhibits an inflated self-regard.
"Fred Flintstone and his friend Barney Rubble were members of the Loyal Order of Water Buffaloes Lodge No. 26. A high ranking elected position within this organization is Grand Poobah or Grand Imperial Poobah. Poobah is a title of respect and often is linked to might in a role."
by David Rowlands July 7, 2006
How are you? ( as in Hello David what's up? ).
Also, what's new ( with you ); what's up; what gives.
What's going on, what is happening.
Gained currency from the 1940s
Bugs Bunny cartoons in which the rabbit repeatedly says "What's up, Doc?"
by David Rowlands July 20, 2006