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Asian spicey food that feels as hot going in as it does coming out. Believed to have spawned the expression "Ring of Fire"
Wow, that was hot! But it was worth it.
by Davey Boy March 04, 2005
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A town on the south coast of England that has recently been given city status. It is very popular with homosexuals. People from outside Brighton often believe everyone in or from Bighton is Gay or Lesbian. Usually this assumption is correct.
Hi, meet my friend Julian. He's from Brighton and he's gay.
by Davey Boy March 04, 2005
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Another word used instead of the word curry. (British slang term).
Similar to when people say they are going for a Chinese, when they mean they are going to eat Chinese food.
"I really fancy going for an Indian. Are you coming too mate? Mines a vindaloo!"
by Davey Boy March 03, 2005
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