4 definitions by DaveHondoras

A super L337 (leet) way of laughing on the internet.
Person 1: HOw Do i ChAnGe My AvAtAr?
Person 2: shut up fag
Person 3: h4h4
by DaveHondoras December 15, 2005
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A generic term to used to by truck drivers looking for a buzz.
Anybody got any high speed chicken feed, come in?
by DaveHondoras October 14, 2005
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1. An excellent quality of marijuana, (aka, weed, skeedz, pot, etc.
2. Something that is very good.
1. I smoked some dank bamz last night and it was so good I wanted to punch my mom in the face.
2. This website be tha dank bamz.
by DaveHondoras October 14, 2005
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To do something gangsta like or totally bad ass.
1. He hit that dude in his sucka nogga styliez.
2. Watch me flip out and do this test nogga styliez.
3. He drives like nogga styliez.
by DaveHondoras October 14, 2005
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