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The distilled corn added to gasoline by government mandate, causing increased food prices, poor gas mileage and ultimately a big shot in the foot for every american.
With the economy tanking we should get rid of recessionanol!

Help! Where can I find gasoline without recessionanol?

A truly capitalist, free market economy would never mandate recessionanol.

Recessionanol was supposed to make the air cleaner, but it doesn't work because cars are still burning the same or more petrolium with the corn.
by Dave W1 January 21, 2008

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A replacement for "Ought to"
Next time you audi buy a real car.
Audi go to the supermarket, but the car won't start.
by Dave W1 May 01, 2007

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An insane corn lobbyist who is twisting the arm of Government to put Ethanol in my Gasoline. Knowing that:
1. Ethanol consumes more energy to produce than it creates when burned. (pumping oil out of the ground, river water or wind through a turbine etc. produce energy - running a moon shine still consumes energy)
2. Reduces gas mileage by 30% when gasoline is polluted with 10% ethanol. Do the math - we are burning more petroleum not less!
3. Raises the cost of food by forcing up the price of corn.
4. Increases government spending. The government provides subsidy for gasoline with ethanol to make the consumer price close to real gasoline. $.51 cents of every gallon of 10% ethanol is coming from you the tax payer.
That whiskey dick is destroying our economy just to sell more corn no matter the consequences.

That whiskey dick should be shot!

I wonder what that whiskey dick's bonus was this year?
by Dave W1 August 09, 2007

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