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a popular term using in the 1800 for stuffing a fat pig, when one norms it they take home a fat girl and refuse to believe the chick is really fat. They will fight you till the end to ensure that perhaps your eyes have failed you and the chick is really thin.
I am sorry guys for pulling a norm it on you last night. The chick really was fat.
by Dark Danny Brown February 13, 2007
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To take an ugly girl willingly. This differs from the traditional wingman theory because you are looking to go hogging that night. The ultimate goal of your evening is to land that hog. The intentions for the night is to lay a girl that is at the most a 2 or worst. When one ogres it they are hitting rock bottom. The next worst thing a man could do is go gay.
binder ill take that ugly chick, ogre me!
by Dark Danny Brown May 11, 2007
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to be very selfish. When one is a lasher they like to take and never give back. Such as in terms of girls. A lasher will bang everyone and claim them from all his friends. In the eyes of a lasher sharing is NOT caring
Stop being a lasher and let me have some sloppy seconds on mora.
by Dark Danny Brown February 16, 2007
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a person that never gets laid. a person known for striking out on all levels.
my friend pulled a santillo and went home alone again
by Dark Danny Brown February 13, 2007
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