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The selfish man who hogged the word Avatar for himself and doesn't let Avatar: The Legend of Korra keep Avatar in its title.

Because of him, M.Night Shyamalan was forced to leave Avatar out of the title of The Last Airbender. And sometimes people don't say Avatar when talking about the Aang's series, but say "The Last Airbender" like because of James Cameron's copyright crap.

The movie he did use the title for doesn't even fit the word "Avatar" and the movie should really be called Pandora the planet of Explorers; after all there's enough blue monkeys on the planet to help, lol.
I hate how James Cameron hogged the word Avatar for himself. It's not right that he shows no consideration for another series, and forces Korra to drop Avatar from the title. How could James Cameron hog the word Avatar when it's a word that's been around for generations and AVATAR: THE LAST AIRBENDER CAME FIRST!!!!
by Danny Duignan on Facebook March 28, 2012
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Purple Parrot, a synonym for amazing, badass, genius, etc.

A testament to the best team on Legends of the Hidden Temple history, always composed of strong-armed top-efficient winners. They are best known for succeeding with any type of physical challenge, including standing on the steps of knowledge and the infamous Shrine of the Silver Monkey.
"MWrules is such an idiot, there's no way he could ever be a Purple Parrot like me. "
by Danny Duignan on Facebook October 12, 2011
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Damn Mother Fucking Cock Sucking Asshole Bitch
Damn, those stupid Republican are DMFCSAB! And so are the Whalers! I hope the Sea Shepherds take down those DMFCSAB!
by Danny Duignan on Facebook January 21, 2011
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The son of the Devil, and one of the main enemies of Ghost Rider.
When Black Heart tried to bring Hell on Earth, it was up to Johnny Blaze to stop him.
by Danny Duignan on Facebook February 18, 2008
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