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Placing your head between someone's ass cheeks and then shaking it vigorously back and forth and making a motorboat sound. (Similar to motorboating, but to someone's ass instead of their tits)
Damn, look at the ass on that girl! I'd love to throw on my super swampers and go OFFROADING!
by Danimalicous August 20, 2011

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Any local muscular MMA-wannabe type guy who has manicured fingers, pencil-thin tweezed eyebrows, and $75 haircuts. Some even wear makeup. They usually have the Hawaiian islands tattooed somewhere, like to mean mug and throw up middle fingers in photos, and have the IQ of an average rock.
What's up with all the ripped gay dudes? Nah, brah they're not gay, they're just metromokes.
by Danimalicous August 20, 2011

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(verb) To have sex with one's butt crack. Similar to titty fucking, but with ass meat instead. Great option when hooking up with a girl with no tits but a fat ass. see also: creased, creasy, creaser, creasing.
She didn't want to have sex so I asked her if I could crease.
by Danimalicous July 19, 2014

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