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It's some big-educated word which just means 'already in', or 'the kahuna in power running e-{lr}-ection again'.

Pronounced "In-cum-Bent", because when you're "in",
you're "in"! The "cum" is for those who "bent", usually by electing you.

Channel 10 Reporter: In 2 words Ricky, what are your thoughts on the incumbent and the election?

Ricky: Fuck off!
by Dan the Rod Leroux May 22, 2007

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The art of making love to a fatty, so that her (or his)
body vibrates like "jello".
Patoo was doing the Mitraillette to Aunt Jemima the other
night, and I'm telling ya he just jello-pudding'ed the poor girl.

That ho is so fat that at close distance, cutting the cheese is enough to jello-pudding her!
by Dan The Rod Leroux September 07, 2006

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Word originated in France, and was very common during the time of Louis XIV. This is the term used to describe someone who's job consist of placing "bassins and pots"
between royalty's legs, so that the bourgeois and royals
can take a piss. To add insult to an already pathetic job,
the "valet de pisse" would then shake the gentlemen's penis
just to make sure the last drops don't soil the noble man's
You Sir are a very special person. In another life
you probably hold a very important position such as "valet de pisse" or "decrote cul".

You idiots have loaded up a double barrel air trigered
shit machine gun, and the barrel is pointing straight at your own heads. Now my dear "valet de pisse" bring me my bucket, I need to drop the kids at the pool, would you.

by Dan The Rod Leroux August 17, 2006

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An orgy involving Asian prostitutes exclusively.
I'm telling you, the Japanese really know how to party.
They pulled a Shangbang for the 72nd anniversary of their occupation of North China with more than 500 local Chinese hoes in a Zuhai Hotel, September 16 through 18, 2003.

Kato-San, did you tried all the hoes at the shangbang, or just concentrated exclusively on the fat one? You really liked to jello-pudding that big ho, didn't you?

When I die, I want go to "a shangbang"...
by Dan The Rod Leroux September 07, 2006

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Based on "Monsieur Muffler" garage shops (which are the
equivalent of "Speedy" garage shops), but with a horny
twist. Instead of taking care of cars, it takes care of men.
It's a place where you can get your oil changed, or the
equivalent of a rub-n-tug and sometimes more depending on
your luck and the day of the month.
Honey your balls were full, when's the last time you went
to Mossio-muff-her ?

So Frank, where you want to go tonight? Want to play pool,
pay a visit to booger, or hang out at Mossio-muff-her?
by Dan The Rod Leroux August 15, 2006

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1) Getting a heart attack from doing sex, while being "hard".

2) Getting a boner for no apparent reason whatsoever, frequent with young boys.
You know that greasy fries are probably not good for you, as your father died from a "hard attack". So do you mind
if I finish eating them?

When I was young, I always got some "hard attacks" at school
just by looking at the girls. I hated when a teacher asked
me to stand up, since I had a huge bone showing through my pants.
by Dan The Rod Leroux August 24, 2006

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When a bad news comes your way, troubles lies ahead.
In it's literal sense it's best used to describe the body function or the art of releasing impressive stinks.

Listen Bubs, sounds of the whispering winds-of-shit.
Can you hear it? The shit clings to the air Bubs.

Would you mind to bring your winds-of-shit to your cube?
(in an Office)
by Dan The Rod Leroux August 10, 2006

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