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Tends to be someone who chooses not to like a band because they are popular or are becoming popular, or have 1 fucking song on the radio.
The Asshole Critic Whore thinks modest mouse is a sell-out because they have 1 song on the radio thats not really that great.
by Dan Mclean April 19, 2005
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Robot Potatoes, better than the Notty Nuns

From the misunderstood genius, Dan Mclean his clan for Halo 2 who rox teh big111!!oneone
I am a Pobot, a robot potatoe, we are mechanised, bi-pedal potatoes.
by Dan McLean March 28, 2005
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Notty Nuns; stemming from naughty and nuns

The best clan of psychological warfare genius' to ever grace the Halo universe.
The Notty Nuns toasted other clans with over-used names, besides Robot Potatoes.
by Dan McLean March 28, 2005
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