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Shittyrunfun: Phrase made famous by Mac Dre. Means a bad case of mudbutt.
It gets dumb. You know how we come, making up words like Shittyrunfun. Shittyrunfun yah, is you with me? It's when your stomach is bubblin' and your booty is drippy, sticky , gooie. Smoke it with the looie step in the door lookin real raguie.OOOOOEEEIIIII thats how i sound. SO COME ON EVERYBODY LETS ALL GET DOWN!
by Dan Lee March 01, 2005
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Usually said by males, Having sex with a group of girls one is new with or has not encountered yet but is going to in the not so distant future.
G1: Dude you going up to Chico this weekend?
G2: Yah ....You can bet on my plowing new ground!
G1: I wish you werent such a liar.
by Dan Lee April 04, 2004
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A word defining the area between the man or womans genitals and there anus.
G1: Dude did you see that chicks grundle?
G2: No dude, you got problems
G1: Are you saying thats not a nice grundle?!
G2:Whats a grundle?!
by Dan Lee April 04, 2004
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