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When there is nothing to watch on TV, so you get trapped into watching a rerun of Unsolved Mysteries (hosted by the late Robert Stack).

All the cases on that show are decades old. Contrary to the show's title, a majority of the mysteries have actually been solved. Therefore, the only explanation for watching the show is because you have a man-crush on Robert Stack.
DEVO: "You're watching Unsolved Mysteries? But...that little girl was kidnapped in 1986, and they found her bones in 1990. Why are you watching this show in 2008?"

Johnny: "I guess I'm having a Stack attack. Did he just wink at me?"
by Damien Metalwind August 3, 2008
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When a man needs to prove that he doesn't live with his mother he often brandishes a road beer. This is usually purchased at the same time gasoline is purchased and consumed while driving away from the gas staiton.

Bonus points of bad ass-ness are earned if the road beer is held nonchalantly in the left hand, slightly resting on the sill of an open car window.
That guy in the '83 Camaro looks like a child molester, we should fuck with him. Wait, he's rocking a road beer. Maybe we should hang out with him?
by Damien Metalwind August 2, 2008
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When a pompus rando takes his shirt off at an inappropriate time. He may come up with a variety of excuses for this action (hot weather, spilling PBR on himself, about to wrestle another man...etc.). In reality, he just wants the ladies present to see him in all his glory. In his mind, one of them will certainly be impressed enough by his physique to fuck him.

The glory shot is also common immediately after an emo virgin finally gets laid. Said virgin is so happy to finaly be loved that he loses all inhibitions. He can't help but come out of his room shirtless for both his parents to see.
1). "...and then for no reason, the frat boy took his shirt off and stood there, posing for his glory shot."

2). "Immediately after having sex with Lindsay, Thomas was glory shotting all around the house."
by Damien Metalwind August 3, 2008
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