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A Butt Bumper is a guy that screws around. He is a bumper of butts, Also used to describe a gay guy. Like hey look at the Butt Bumper over there talking to his boy friend, Butt Bumper. Also meaning a person that procrastinates Example hey dude you need to hire someone else this dude is a serious Butt Bumper. Also A Butt Head
Butt Bumper,
by Daman Money January 24, 2010
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A slang name for wrestling Super Star Kurt Angle. Known for pulling stunts, Or well endowed white male member. A Kurt Mandangle.
Hey there look at that kurt mandangle on that dude over there april. Or thats a very Curt mandangle. Or check out Kurt mandangle on wrestling he's not afraid of shiznit
by Daman Money January 24, 2010
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Ball Coverings are anything that sheilds the balls from the light of day ball coverings. (Ball Coverings)
Hold on dude wile im in the store i need to pick up some new ball coverings.
by Daman Money January 30, 2010
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