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a Jewish rapper who gave his life to Jesus and is now ostracized by the Jewish community
Yo, man, did ya hear about 50 Shekel? Tha Jewish rapper? Well, he ain't Jewish anymore! He gave his life over to JC last month.
by Dam It June 17, 2005

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possibly the greatest prank call name ever. ask for him, or his brother, bob.
Unsuspecting Victim: "Hello?"
You: "Is Jack Meov there?"
Unsuspecting Victim: "Jack me off!! Jack me off...aww goddamit! I'm going to kill you, you little bastard!"
by Dam It January 27, 2006

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A smelly ass steel town with polluted air and a high school with way too much drama in it. Possibly the most boring town on Earth because there is nothing to do on a Friday night.
I hate Granite City! Wanna move to Israel?
by Dam It June 17, 2005

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