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The state of being white yet ghetto fabulous but also still a bit racist.
Black Guy1: Why did that cracker with the Buick Rivera look at me all mean???
Black Guy2: Cuz he Cracker Fabulous yo!
Black Guy1: Say Word!
Black Guy2: Word
by Dahn Turgenson April 16, 2008
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A term generally used in conjunction with a crime committed during the day where many witnesses may be present.
Damn son he just smacked that bitch in broad-ass-daylight!
by Dahn Turgenson January 30, 2009
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Short for Cock-Riding-Plagiarists-Anonymous. A place where cock-riding-plagiarists can suck each others cocks and be little bitches without facing torment.
CRP1: Hey are you going to the CRPA metting tonight?
CRP2: No, I've got some cock to ride and plagiarize on the upper east side.
CRP1:Hey nice rhyme I think I'll steal that!
CRP2: EY! Remember the Code!
CRP1: Oh right...hrrmmm
by Dahn Turgenson February 08, 2009
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A place you live but not just a house you hustle outta your gate so people may come thru there often.
Ey man who the fuck let the broke crack head in my gate??
by Dahn Turgenson February 08, 2009
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First of all they are ALWAYS from New Jersey. You know the type. They act all tough but they really are just bitch ass pencil pushing homos with anxiety problems. They have a little bit of money and power with decent connections so you might be tempted to put up with their bullshit. Total bitches though, and eventually if you hang out with them long enough, you too will share their qualities. Eventually you will move to Jersey and move your head around like a bitch when you get agitated and curse out innocent by-standers for no apparent reason. Be warned my friend, be warned.
Yuppie-Ass-Jersian: HEY UH I'LL KICK YOUR ASS DEA!!
Guy Minding His Own Business: Shut the fuck up you Yuppie-Ass-Jersian.
Yuppie-Ass-Jersian: Oh right, sorry dea, don't tell my boss OK buddy ahhhh.
by Dahn Turgenson February 08, 2009
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