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First of all they are ALWAYS from New Jersey. You know the type. They act all tough but they really are just bitch ass pencil pushing homos with anxiety problems. They have a little bit of money and power with decent connections so you might be tempted to put up with their bullshit. Total bitches though, and eventually if you hang out with them long enough, you too will share their qualities. Eventually you will move to Jersey and move your head around like a bitch when you get agitated and curse out innocent by-standers for no apparent reason. Be warned my friend, be warned.
Yuppie-Ass-Jersian: HEY UH I'LL KICK YOUR ASS DEA!!
Guy Minding His Own Business: Shut the fuck up you Yuppie-Ass-Jersian.
Yuppie-Ass-Jersian: Oh right, sorry dea, don't tell my boss OK buddy ahhhh.
by Dahn Turgenson February 08, 2009
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