2 definitions by Daddy-Diaz

A phrase used to add to the end of a conversation, when you have just realized you crushed the person's hopes and dreams.
Kid 1: Man I wish I could get back with my ex you know...

Kid 2: Well she's back with her ex-boyfriend, and hates your guts.

Kid 1: ...

Kid 2: But you never know...

Kid 1: I know huh.
by Daddy-Diaz May 22, 2010
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The act of fingering a woman's vagina so well, that their cum drips down your whole arm to your elbow. Then your other hand grabs your arm, as it is dripping wet with cum, and you then say " I am AQUAMAN!"

As seen on 40 year old virgin, except he had a condom over his arm.
Sean was telling me how he busted The Aqua-man on the girl he liked.
by Daddy-Diaz February 01, 2010
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