3 definitions by Daddy Longer Legs

someone who likes to inflict pain to the rear end on another mammal, using specifically dental tools.
Watch your behind, that mri is walking behind us.
by Daddy Longer Legs December 18, 2017
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the living embodiment of estrogen. A lady who is living it large, especially down below where she has a tunnel of a cooch. Any man would die for some nooj nooj, but only Tamil tigers are worthy.
My boy Mithun slid into a nooj nooj's dm and came out a changed man.
by Daddy Longer Legs September 27, 2020
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someone who cant seem to spell a single word right even if their life depended on it
Teacher: "Who keeps spelling all these words wrong?" Caleb: "It must be that UBAIDA over there!"
by Daddy Longer Legs December 17, 2017
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