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(pronounced NYOME-zah) Female Albanian name, quite common over there. It means 'youth'.

People often mispronounce this name, to the utter agitation of those bearing it. Some mispronounciations are:


For the sake of all things holy, learn the name before you open your stupid mouth, it's not that friggin difficult.

Using the nickname 'Njomz' is acceptable.
"Hey Jenny, can I borrow your pencil?"

"Why of course Myomsa"

"My name is Njomza"

"That's what I said"

"No, it was not."

"Yes it was"

"No, it was not"

"Yes it was"

"...okay then, Assturd."

"My name is Jenny."

"That's what I said."
by DaMagicMonkey January 21, 2009
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(V-eh-nn-eh-rs-borg) A small town in Sweden with a population of about 37 000 (in the entire Vänersborg county.)

The city is located at the 'tip' of Vänern, Swedens greatest lake (and the 29th greatest inland lake in the world.) The city is otherwise surrounded by forest. It's located near two plateau mountains, called Halleberg and Hunneberg, where Germans go on their hazardous pilgrimage to collect moose poo.

It is the town the inhabitants love to hate. As soon as they are old enough to think for themselves (usually around 13 years of age) they moan and kick and scream and cry about leaving and never ever coming back. Unfortunately about 99% ends up staying in this godforsaken chuckhole for all eternity. Nobody really knows why.
"Where are you from?"

"I'm from Vänersborg!"
by DaMagicMonkey January 21, 2009
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