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(pronounced NYOME-zah) Female Albanian name, quite common over there. It means 'youth'.

People often mispronounce this name, to the utter agitation of those bearing it. Some mispronounciations are:


For the sake of all things holy, learn the name before you open your stupid mouth, it's not that friggin difficult.

Using the nickname 'Njomz' is acceptable.
"Hey Jenny, can I borrow your pencil?"

"Why of course Myomsa"

"My name is Njomza"

"That's what I said"

"No, it was not."

"Yes it was"

"No, it was not"

"Yes it was"

"...okay then, Assturd."

"My name is Jenny."

"That's what I said."
by DaMagicMonkey January 21, 2009
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