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-A male in his teens who is a dirty slut with a 4" dick.

-A male in his teens who does not know how to put a condom on properly whitch results in unwanted pregnancy and a sexually trasmitted diesease.

-A male in his teens who loved one female in her teens got to have sex with her and her friend and ended up with the slut who did not love him.
p1-'What would you do if you had the Bee Dee, womens underware and a car that could take you anywhere?'
p2-'I would get the Bee Dee, put him in womens underware and drive to the santa Cruz mountains and drop him off!'
p1-'oh! really?'
p2-'yes and then if anyone askes me, i would say 'IDK, but the last time i saw him he was wearing womens underware'
by DWG August 07, 2006
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A pet name for songwriter Martin Gore, ie:
German= Heritage, a language he speaks, and where he lived for a while in the 80's

Chocolate= His father is of black decent
Martin Gore is my sexy peice of German Chocolate!
by DWG August 08, 2006
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