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doing da butt, esp with bitches from a foggy or rainy city (Seattle or SF)
She wiggled back against me, on a cold tile floor, wanting de end
by djo December 21, 2004

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When washing your ass in the shower, the smell that results when your fingers smell half like shit, half like soap. Time to wash again.
I was just about to shampoo my hair, when i noticed that my hands were smelling kind of shoap.
by djo December 21, 2004

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When you lie on your back between the chair and the ottoman and your lover straddles you and pees on you while reading the sunday new york times newspaper
I look forward to sundays when my baby delivers the golden gate bridge and a bagel with lox and cream cheese
by djo December 19, 2004

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The best town in the world. Sure, its got refs and rafters, but its Miami. Great food, great night life and the number 2 beach in the world in 2004!
Miami kicks ass. It is beauty personified...like Paris Hilton, really hot, beautiful and a good bang.
by DJO January 09, 2005

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