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When a sports team is jobbed out of a victory in an important game by dishonest and or incompetent game officials. From Superbowl XL. The Seattle Seahawks were subject to several very questionable calls by the officiating crew and lost the only Superbowl they have appeared in.
The USA World Cup Team sure got xled by Koman Coulibaly when he disallowed the potential winning goal vs. Slovenia.
by DJ ill June 30, 2010

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When you just don't care! You just take what you want.
Man, that guy just don't care, such a badgitude!
by DJ ill December 04, 2011

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When you want to hit anouther driver so bad that your fist has a hard-on.
That jerk cut right in front of me. I was so mad I had to show him my roadrage boner!
by DJ ill August 08, 2011

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