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short version of TERRIBLE
came from TEHH albach
it is something horrible, including a rule, a girl, a play in a sports game, a call by a ref.
can be used basically under any circumstance
that girl you hooked up with last night was tehh
did you see that tehh play by Mark
i did tehh on my math test
eli manning is a tehh quarterback
by DGibbz February 17, 2009
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a place to take your significant other to have fun
we better bring some girls to the railhouse tonight
did you go to the railhouse after the club last night
by DGibbz February 16, 2009
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Feel Dumb
It is what you say when you make a person look like a fool or looser
something embarassing like tripping or getting caught doing something bad
when Tom tripped over the stick all the boys yelled FD
whos #18 on the colts....eli manning...FD Payton manning
did you see me FD ryan in football
by DGibbz February 16, 2009
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