Feel Dumb usually followed by a "?" or and a "!".

Used as a response to someone who says something stupid or wrong. Or Does a stupid action. Like holds a firecracker the wrong way. Leading to a Feel Dumb Moment.
*One Wednesday After None*
The Boi: Yo Nigga, where you wanna eat?
The Nigga: Hmm, how bout Burger King for that Tuesday Special
The Boi: But Today's Wednesday idiot!
The Nigga: Ohhhhh
The Boi: FEEL DUMB!?!
The Nigga: Yea I do :(
by Cautian aka Chris December 28, 2010
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When your feelings are dumb
I have dumb feelings for him
by chilllllllllllllll October 15, 2015
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