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The Pub Show is a comedy podcast that takes all the great things about going to the bar and lets you enjoy them whenever you feel like it. DC, Abe Froman, and Mr. Super Fantastic, host The Pub Show and discuss current events, internet memes, and pretty much anything else that crosses their minds. Grab a beverage, fire up your computer or MP3 player and have a drink with your friends from The Pub Show.
Sample from The Pub Show - Season 2 - Episode 2

DC: Hey Everybody! The most important thing is that Abe Froman passed out on the couch, and that's cool man.

Mr. Super Fantastic: Man, he's not passed out, he's just fuckin' playin' pocket-pool! ...oh look at that, he put it in his mouth!


Abe Froman: Haha- I need a Rolaid, fuckers...

DC: Oh, right. All those O-Bombs are fuckin' up his indigestion.

Abe Froman: It's that whiskey

DC: Whiskey!? You had whiskey?

Mr. Super Fantastic: Dude, he was drinking so many Jack and Coke's

DC: Oh, right. I love how you said it though: Like so many Jack and Coke's...
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Co-host of the comedy podcast The Pub Show, Abe Froman, has a unique comedy style that can only be described as "Fucking Funny". He is The Pub Show's South-West Correspondent, performing interviews and gathering news from around the globe. When he's not reporting the PubNews, Abe fills in the slow parts of segments with guitar solos, weird sound effects and off-color commentary.
Abe Froman: I don't know if you guys can hear me or not, but I'm drinking a GIANT Jack and Coke right now.
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Co-Host of the comedy podcast The Pub Show, Mr. Super Fantastic (AKA - The Dude) get's a bad rap because he tends to be the most outspoken member of The PubCrew - spouting off without knowing what is being discussed or simply taking an opposing stance on an issue because "someone has to do it". Mr. Super Fantastic is pretty much harmless, though, because he's only here for the beer (and to fight hippies).
DC: Why don't you elaborate on your comment?

Mr. Super Fantastic: S my C
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DC is the host of the comedy podcast, The Pub Show. DC has been dubbed the PubCrew's "ringmaster" as he often attempts to keep The Pub Show on track and mold it into an enjoyable mix of intellectual conversation and drunken banter. DC is the guy that always has to explain everything, attempts to shelter the listeners from that which might be offensive, and tends to be indecisive about topics discussed on The Pub Show, unless they're REALLY important to him. He would rather let Mr. Super Fantastic and Abe Froman beat each other senseless to prove their points and then agree with whoever wins.
DC: They wouldn't call it Milwaukee's Best if it wasn't the best of Milwaukee.
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