3 definitions by D. all of the above

to realize something for the second time around, whether it be something you already knew, or something you should have known due to common sense. Usually it's something you let slip from your mind that some one or something makes you realize.
Michael Jackson's death made all the retards in the world rerealize the impact on music and dance he had, for us true fans we already knew.
by D. all of the above June 27, 2009
1. similar to a jack of all trades, but in actually defines all that one does, and does it to thier own level of desire.
2. it is a lable of not being labled, rather than being just a specific style, or genre it is being who you are and what you do, and everyone knowing your capabilities are limitless.
"you can call me D."

"just "D"?

"no, D. all of the above, boom baby!"

"what're you talking about"

"give it time, you'll see"
by D. all of the above May 7, 2010
1) A return to previously held values of decency.

2) If you talk about getting back to basics, you are suggesting that people have become too concerned with complicated details or new theories, and that they should concentrate on simple, important ideas or activities.

3) brass tacks (informal) core, essentials, facts, fundamentals, hard facts, necessaries, nitty-gritty (informal) nuts and bolts (informal) practicalities, principles, rudiments
After knee surgery Lisa had a long road BACK TO BASICS, her recovery and healing not only her injury but her state of mind. She's finally herself again.
by D. all of the above June 12, 2011