4 definitions by D-momoney

Pet peeves that most stoners have
My number 1 stoner peeve has got to be Camp counselors. Inconsiderate smokers trying to blow my high.
by D-momoney July 2, 2015
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The 12th letter in the alphabet L, for Law Enforcement.
by D-momoney July 1, 2022
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A person that starts a story every time they go to pass the blunt but, forgets to pass the blunt.
Let's go to my boy's house to burn
Nah man, that Filibluntster just smokes up all my bud and tells the same stories over and over.
by D-momoney July 2, 2015
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A person that forgets to pass the joint after they hit it.
Dude are you mentoring kids in the woods this summer or passing that shit? Damn camp Counselors
by D-momoney July 2, 2015
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