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Chillin' and relaxin' at the same time. Kicking back and keeping it low.
Tonight, all the homies are going to be chill-lax, nothing too crazy. We'll just go to the bar and end our night there.
by D-Train March 23, 2005
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Chuck Nevitt, 7'5" white guy from NC State, was the Rockets' and Lakers' indication that they were comfortably ahead in a game. When he came into a blowout for mop-up duty, he showed off his mad skillz.
With the Rockets ahead 110-93 in the final minute, here comes the Human Victory Cigar into the game to reeplace Sampson.
by D-Train May 05, 2004
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An individual named Brian living in Atlanta, Georgia who was the first individual "shot" in a paint ball game circa 1991. Short for "Crispus Bernardo.:
"Dude, you totally just shot Nardo."
by D-Train May 26, 2004
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A ghetto expression for something frustrating or suprising.
Crunk-a-lunk!,the fuzz thought they had me,but get this,possesion is 9/10 of the law
by D-Train December 03, 2004
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