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When a girl with boobs large enough to act as a shelf takes a selfie with said shelf like boobs as the main focus of the picture and uploads said picture to a social media network (e.g. Instagram, Facebook, etc.).
She takes a lot of shelfies, look at those things!
by D-mon April 28, 2013
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A day invented by the Government in order to increase sales and prices on all things associated with love. These include roses chocolates, and anything else that would make somebody happy and/or 'warm'. This was a very good con thought up, as if you don't buy your loved one something, they will hit you, scream at you, dump you, and not give you that $100 bottle of champagne that you saw them hide in their bra (which they would probably ask you to 'fish out', leading to...!xxxKERCHINGxxx!).

It is also a conspiracy against 'ginger ningas' (red-heads), who of course will never receive or give anything for valentine
Blonde Super Model: I love Valentine's day- I get so many presents!

Red Headed Minger Ninga: *punches babe* FUCK YOU!
by D-Mon February 08, 2005
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