6 definitions by CupcakeHalø

a person on Twitter who has a GoodBoyHalo profile picture who simps for the Dream SMP egg. Not naming any names
Hey did you know that Madi simps for the egg?
What an Egg Simp
by CupcakeHalø September 22, 2021
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Someone who is dating known minecraft youtuber, BadBoyHalo

(Made as a joke from a dating roleplay asmr video)
by CupcakeHalø July 1, 2022
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One of Roman’s/Princey many names for Virgil/Anxiety

To be super emo
Roman/Princey: Anxiety, if you had a New Years resolution, what would it be?
Virgil/Anxiety: Probably to find darker eye shadow to better match my soul.
Roman/Princey: You are an Emo Nightmare
Virgil/Anxiety:...Thank you!
by CupcakeHalø July 19, 2020
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Same definition and way it’s used as Falsehood, but used in Texas or in Cowboy Talk
“Logan, you’re saying it wrong, we’re in Texas not Florida you should say y’allshood, not Falsehood.”

Y’ALLSHOOD Thomas, I won’t let you lie to yourself, not even in Texas.”

Howdy partner! Have you seen the sheriff? No there is no sheriff? Can I be the sheriff? Y’allshood, I am the sheriff.”
by CupcakeHalø July 19, 2020
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A person on Twitter who is mostly known for simping for a giant red egg built in Minecraft
Who just said the Egg was hot?

It was probably glitchyhalo.
by CupcakeHalø July 1, 2022
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The subtwt for Goofyduo aka GoodBoyHalo and Jef. Some people in it are nice some are assholes.
Why does goofytwt suck sometimes? I just want to draw GoodBoyHalo and Jef.
by CupcakeHalø July 6, 2022
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