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Typically a brother in law who is Uber-sensitive to heckling Aka the perfect target. Tries to stay young by “early adopting” mullets, only to find out mullets will never and were never in vogue. If you push a Gezzabelle too much he may leave the country.
He was a classic Gezzabelle of a brother in law, always sooking and couldn’t fight back as lacked a basic vernacular.
by Crunchiest666 June 23, 2022
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When famous Aussie legend Kath from Kath and Kim is corrected for using ‘cardonnay’ instead of correct pronounciAtion ‘Chardonnay’ she counters with “yeah all right ya pack of CHUNTS
by Crunchiest666 August 6, 2022
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When you drop the word cunt into a sentence.
I can’t believe she dropped the c banger before she even knew the audience and it’s sensitivities !
by Crunchiest666 June 23, 2022
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Champagne activist (noun): A person who publicly expresses support for a cause or movement, typically by raising a glass of champagne or making a toast, but who does not take any meaningful or sustained action to advance the cause. Also known as Slackatism.
"After toasting to the latest social justice cause with a glass of bubbly, the champagne activist promptly returned to their privileged bubble without doing anything to address the root issues."
by Crunchiest666 April 21, 2023
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