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"Mo chara" is Gaelic (Irish) for "My friend". "Mo" would translate to "My" and "Chara" would translate to "Friend" (according to another word, "anamchara", "soulfriend").
Mo chara is pronouced as 'muh karra'.
Tuigim, mo chara.
(I understand, my friend.)
by Crave-case April 20, 2007

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Small demon-like creatures with fast legs that eat up the lazy people "who don't get the big picture".

Large levitating ball-shaped demons with leech-like chainsaw-teeth that eat up the world of yesterday.

Fictional creatures created by Stephen King.


Children and puppies who are teething and not yet potty-trained.
Craig Toomey always feared the Langoliers
by Crave-Case March 27, 2008

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Serbian word for "Journal".
I just finished writing in my rukavac on VampireFreaks.

Ooh! Just you wait until I write about this in my online rukavac!
by Crave-Case March 27, 2008

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The orignal way of spelling Demon. Also used in Finland, as I have personally experienced.
Demons are commonly known for being in cahoots with the devil, Satan. They have been known to posses humans, and have them do their bidding. Some fighters (like myself) have been known to use daemons to an advantage in martial arts. However, being able to control it requires deep and frequent meditation.
Other GaiaOnline User:Um, Lord Balmung of Azure Sky? Are you from Finland?
Lord Balmung of Azure Sky: No. Why?
O:Because that's how we spell Dæmon.

A Demon? Isn't that what Satan uses to internally destroy a human?

The demon... It's too strong.. I can't fight anymore...
by Crave-case April 02, 2007

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