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1. The vile excretion of a rough, blustering hemorrhoid erupting from the interior of the anus known to be coarse, thick, & globular in composition.

2. Also used as an insult for a vehemently horrendous unholy herpes-infested cunt and/or twat ex-girlfriend. (i.e. - any ex-girlfriend ever in the history of twats)

3. An insult for any various douche bags of the world.

4. When mixed with smegma, becomes a composition known as super-shquim
Gerald's hemorrhoid eruption squirted shquim down the length of his ass-crack where it mixed with a crusted mass of smegma to become super-shquim. The viscous goo eventually plopped into Kaylen's eagerly awaiting mouth.

Boy, that Kaylen sure is a heaping cesspool of shquim!
by Craptoidilus February 23, 2008
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