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Pertains only to the male species.

After days of not receiving penil satisfaction a man gives in to his needs and goes yard with an unattractive woman. It is the exact moment when the man cums inside of this woman while staring her in the eye. He then realizes that he just finished a rendezvous with one of the ugliest woman he's ever met.

He decides this isn't the only wrong thing he's been doing with his life. He goes on to straighten completely out and become an outstanding citizen. After about a week of not getting poon he will likely get desperate and engage in the act again.
I'm serious man, just fuck an ugly girl when you're desperate. I quit smoking and started doing all of my homework just because of that post-sex revelation.
by Cowtoy August 15, 2012

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A common phenomena that occurs within the groin region of a male's body.

Over 90 percent of incidents are reported by concert-goers, the rest by house party-goers.

It occurs when the bass being played in the surrounding environment turns so loud that is causes a woman's breasts to literally bounce. The male notices the bouncing breasts and continues to stare at them, inducing an erection.
You thought that was a Bass Boner, imagine skrillex.
by Cowtoy August 14, 2012

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