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a great, loyal friend; someone who gives all of themselves in any relationship, honest, faithful, pure in heart, true to one's self
by Coral June 22, 2003
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Musical sound system coming from Bristol, UK. Founding memebers include 3D, Daddy G, and Mushroom. Massive Attack's use of many different styles of music including, but not limited to, Rap, Electronic, Jazz, and Rock, give them a unique sound, though, they are mainly categorized under the trip hop genre, and are thought to be the pioneering group of it.

Similar artists: Portishead, Tricky, Bjork, Sneaker Pimps, Goldfrapp, Hooverphonic, Radiohead, Morcheeba
Massive Attack currently has 4 LPs released; Blue Lines, Protection, Mezzanine, and 100th Window.
by Coral August 12, 2004
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Jaggoff: A g-rated term urban fathers used while either stuck in or cut off in traffic when they are in the present of chldren(specifically their own) who are under the age of thirteen. "Jaggoff" is a slang term for Jack-ass,Fuckface, Muther-fucker,Asswipe,Son of a Bitch or any other Swear term that may come back to haunt him through the mouth of his little precious boy/girl
> AURGHGHGHGHG!!! That guy was a freaking Jaggoff!!
by Coral September 30, 2004
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What a girl/woman does when she needs to expell gaseous vapours from her bloated intestine
She felt funny after the B-B-Q so she went behind the shed and let out a "poof"
by Coral September 30, 2004
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"cool", "tight", "sweet", "chill"
"that's dank, yo"
aw man, dank
by coral November 10, 2004
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a "tweener", in Canadian Folk Festival (and other music festival) circles, is the person who entertains, on mainstage, during the set-ups, between the headlining acts.
originated by C. McKendrick, Winnipeg Folk Festial Media Crew
Rory McLeod's tweener on Friday night mainstage, blew the crowd away. Sometimes the tweeners are better than the headliners.
by Coral July 31, 2004
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