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A Rapper/Funk artist. Has the best mix of funk and rap and talks about gettin blowed and gettin booty. The best rapper to smoke to, PERIOD.
Yo, Devin the Dude talks bout tha real shit, like in Doobie Ashtray, or Reefer and Beer
by Connor December 09, 2004

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A derogatory term for the University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada derived from the large number of asian students.
"Shit, there sure are a lot of asians in your class."
"Well, they don't call it Waterwoo for nothin'."
by Connor November 25, 2004

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n. The lonliest number since the number one.
The lonliest number since the number one.
by Connor October 24, 2004

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someone who roots for the team lebron james is on but is not actually a fan they just like lebron and follow him because he is the best in the nba. They have no interest in the team just lebron James and often say they have been following him since highschool but they really didn't. They may say they liked Lebron as soon as he came in but really they only do cause they knew he was a sure thing. These fans are also really stubborn and will not admit they are a lebron bandwagon.
Hey whose your favorite team?

Miami Heat!
*lebron goes to cavaliers*
Whose your favorite team?
Of course the cavaliers I always liked them.
Wow he is such a lebron bandwagon
by CoNnOr July 12, 2014

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a mix between a dipshit and a craphead
Johnny your such a dip crap
by Connor November 04, 2003

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smelly vagina fetid mimsy
i dont know you that well but can i poke ur fetid mimsy ?
by connor March 13, 2004

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North-East England Slang for a vagina
"Deek at the Mowza on that!" can be heard at Strip Joints throughout the area
by Connor November 24, 2004

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