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Stands for:
Canadian Forces Aptitude Test.

The enrolment process involves many steps, such as a medical examination and security check ups. The CFAT is the first of these, and will determine which trade you qualify for.
My CFAT is schedualed for the 21st of September.
by Comrade Karl August 31, 2006

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Contraction of "Faggot Hobo"

Faggot + Hobo = Fagbo

One who retains the individuality of both a hobo and a fag.
Karl: Noah is such a fagbo.
Ayan: What's a fagbo?
Karl: A homosexual hobo. Ohh, there he goes! Ahh... You just missed it.
by Comrade Karl April 07, 2005

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Acronym for: "Deficiency Of Goddamn Everything", quoted from the Mac Hall Comics.
Guy1 -Our friend here is going to be a medical celebrity.
Guy2 -Sweet!
Guy1 -They found symptoms of scurvy, rickets, beri beri and a couple of others. It was the royal flush of nutritional disorders.
Guy1 -In fact, they're going to write it up as a new condition called Doge and sumbit it to Jama.
Guy2 -Doge?
Guy1 -Deficiency of goddamn everything!
by Comrade Karl December 07, 2006

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