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The name 'Suki' is originally Scandinavian. It is often used in India.
"Suki, pass me the curry.'
- Okay, here you go.

- Thank you, darling.
by comosedice April 24, 2015
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The physical workout Social Workers get from running their clients places, chasing after client's children, or running around the office to get tasks done.
Friend: Hey, want to go to the gym with me?
Social Worker: No way. I got a Social Work-out yesterday chasing after my client's kids at the food stamp office.
by Comosedice December 09, 2010
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1.It is a cross between Discovery and Enjoyment.

2. Used to describe the joy you get when you figure something out.

3. Used when you discover something that is very pleasing.
Example 1: I finally figured out how to solve this economy crisis! What a discoverment!

Example 2:

Me: "Tomorrow I'm getting season 2 of Entourage from my Netflix."
Mexican, Non-native English speaking boyfriend: "Tomorrow I'm getting Season 3 of Entourage in my netflix!"
Me: "Cool, we can have an Entourage marathon."
Mexican, Non-native English speaking boyfriend: "Awesome, what a discoverment!"
by Comosedice October 20, 2010
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